Our core beliefs

We believe that most human beings wish to feel at peace, content, free and safe. And we believe that animals - just like humans - share these same desires.

We believe that disadvantage, whatever its manifestation, is fundamentally unfair and compromises the dignity, welfare and freedom of all beings.

Most importantly, we believe that true change is brought about by innovation and collaboration.

What we do

Fair World Foundation provides grants to Australian organisations who we feel are working hard to make the world a fairer place. In doing so we focus on three main areas:

1. Social Justice

We focus on encouraging compassionate attitudes and behaviour towards women, refugees, asylum seekers, and indigenous communities, particularly those from sub-Saharan Africa. We give priority to organisations who work with these individuals to:

  • Improve literacy and language skills
  • Provide skills training - thereby creating employment opportunities and acceptance
  • Decrease the incidence of hunger
  • Increase communal awareness of, and diminishing, domestic violence
  • Improve services to those with poor mental health and those in need of legal justice

2. Animal welfare

We focus on raising community awareness of animal cruelty in all its forms.

We give priority to organisations who support animal welfare activities that protect animal rights.

3. Environment

We focus on raising community awareness of the devastating impact of climate change and support the development of practical, sustainable solutions for the protection of future generations.   

We support organisations who work to preserve our environment.

our 7 core beliefs

Fair World Foundation have seven core beliefs that shape every decision we make and help us assess every grant that we make:

1. Dignity
2. Support
3. Respect
4. Equality
5. Compassion
6. Togetherness
7. Responsiblity

shared goals

In September 2015, the UN - in collaboration with many partner nations - adopted a set of Stainable Development Goals to help end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. Each goal has a range of targets that need to be met over the next 15 years, and they have asked everyone around the world to do whatever they can to meet them.

We think these goals provide a worthy vision of the future for coming generations and provide a useful guideline for meaningful action. You can get an overview of the goals below, or find out more about each one by visiting the UN Sustainable Development Goals webpage.

UN Sustainable Development Goals. Taken from http://www.un.org/News/dh/photos/large/2015/September/09-09-E-SDG-Poster.jpg