Proposed projects for 2018 

* Complete the women and children’s ward building with ceiling boards, glass for window shutters, electricity, painting inside and out etc.;

Equipment to be supplied:
* BP monitor;
* Thermometers for children and adults;
* Solar regulator needed;
* Children’s scales;
* Adult scales;
* Sterilisation machine;
* Delivery kit;
* Replace mattresses on two existing beds;
* Patient screen;
* Dig and cover a placenta pit;
* Water cover needs replacing;
* Install a ball valve to ensure tank remains full at all times;
* Cupboard door needs repair;
* Possible nutrition program using chakuladauwa for children and babies;
* Painting of outside of main building. NB No solvent in the paint!!

* Build teacher‘s toilet at single house. Town to supply sand and stone etc;
* Build teacher‘s toilet with bathroom for the double house area. Town to supply sand and collect stone;
* Third toilet at teacher’s house has a full pit and damaged roof. Repair and replace;
* Install hand-washing units for girls’ and boys’ toilets.